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Caring for cats require responsibility, a lot of time, a lot of patience, tons of effort, and a genuine kind of love for the furry animal. Cats are such cute and adorable animals which everyone wants to cuddle and hug. They are such lovable pets that many people want to have them in their home. Although many of your friends already have cats as friends, one persistent problem that we have in our country is not many cat owners around.

Cat for nurture

If you will look in a cat shelter, you will see that many available cats are looking for a companion and an owner who can take care of them. They need shelter to go home to. They need a friend who can play with them. They need a provider who can give food to them. They need a family who can nurture them and look out for them. And as a cat shelter ourselves, we have high hopes that people today are very willing to extend their loving hands and care for these lovely creatures.

Cat rescue

We are a company that has had a cat shelter for around 20 years. We are a family-owned company. Our love for these furry animals turned our home into a cat shelter. We only wanted to save stray animals that we meet during our Amsterdam holidays or even just Amsterdam city trips. We keep an eye for stray cats that roam the streets. We then bring them to our home and provide shelter for them. But the number of cats grew larger and larger until we started looking for people who can take care of the cats on our behalf. This is where the cat shelter started.

People in search of a foster home for the cats go to our home. Since then, we established the company and eventually turned our house to a full-blown shelter. We give suitable homes for varieties of cats. We also created adoption programs to make the transition of living in our shelter to going home to the new owner’s house smoother. We even give promo codes and coupon codes on products especially cat food and other accessories. From the moment we accepted ten cats in our backyard to the time we are accepting hundreds of cats in our home, we knew that this is the true purpose of our lives, that is, caring for these animals.

Services offered

In addition to our cat care and adoption program, we also have a specialty clinic for those cat owners who want to have their pets spayed or neutered. Our prices are comparably more affordable than other clinics in the area. You can also get packages and bundles for your cats.

Volunteers asked

Because of the number of cats being handled in our shelter, we are now opening our doors to volunteers who also want to care for these creatures. You can also bring your pet cats to play with the cats in our shelter. We know that cat lovers want to help another cat-lover around. By volunteering, you are not just helping us in our advocacy to have each cat delivered to a loving owner but you are also caring for the cats in our shelter.